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Artists' Books: Drawing

DRWG 309: Drawing Narrative Images

Albrecht, Amber. Idyll. Drawn & Quarterly, 2011. Artist Book 0705

Anderson, Laurie. Laurie Anderson : Night Life. DAP., 2006. Artist Book 0331

Aoki, Ryoko et al. Chain Ring. Foil Co. Ltd., 2009. Artist Book 0778

Arthur, Sam and Alex Spiro. Nobrow.7, Brave New World. Nobrow, 2012. Graphic Novel. PN6736 .N64 2012

Bell, Marc. Nog a Dod: Prehistoric Canadian Psychedooolia. 1st ed. 1 vols. Montreal: Conundrum Press, 2006. Artist Book 0338

Berthier, Julien, and Christoph Keller. Nothing SpecialJPR Ringier; Christoph Keller Editions, 2007. Artist Book 0379

C. F. Sediment. PictureBox, 2011. Artist Book 0674

Chippendale, Brian. If’n Oof. PictureBox, 2010. PN6727 .C457 I3 2010

Chippendale, Brian. Maggots. PictureBox, 2007. PN6727 .C457 M3 2007

Cotton, Michelle, and Nicole Yip. Xerography. Firstsite, 2013. Artist Book 1070.

Dine, Jim. This Goofy Life of Constant Mourning. Steidl, 2004. Artist Book 0378 OS

Dzama, Marcel, and David Zwirner (Gallery). Marcel Dzama: Behind Every Curtain. David Zwirner, 2011. Artist Book 0616

Ezawa, Kota, and Kathy Slade. Odessa Staircase ReduxEmily Carr University Press, 2010. Artist Book 0517

Fivel, Vianney. After Jeff. Hard copy, 2012. Artist Book 1055.

Forsythe, Matthew. Jinchalo. Drawn and Quarterly, 2012. Graphic Novel. PN6733 .F67 J56 2012

Forsythe, Matthew. Ojingogo. 2008. Graphic Novel. PN6733 .F67 O35 2008

Giezendanner, Ingo. GRR30: Urban Recordings. Passenger books, 2006. Artist Book 0349

Kim, Sŭng-hwan, and Kunsthalle Basel. Ki-da Rilke. Sternberg Press, 2011. Artist Book 0675

Kreig, Bettina et al. Bettina Krieg: AbysseKöln: Snoeck, 2011. Artist Book 0704 OS

Ladouceur, Jeff. Holy Moly. L’Oie de Cravan, 2010. Artist Book 0776

Long, Gareth, and Derek Sullivan. The Illustrated Dictionary of Received Ideas =: Le dictionnaire illustré des idées reçuesArtexte, 2009. Artist Book 0574 OS

Lurie, John. John Lurie : Learn to Draw. DAP., 2007. Artist book 0337

McGee, Barry. Barry McGee. Damiani, 2010. Special Collections: N6537 .M143 A4 2010

Nodland, Kai. Art Prison #10: All things connected by invisible string. Extrapool, 2015. Artist Book 1476.

Persson, Ragnar et al. Feel the Darkness. Dokument Press, 2010. NC284 .P47 A4 2010

Persson, Ragnar. [Newspaper]. Sweden, 2010. Artist Book 0776

Polke, Sigmar, and Erhard Klein. Stenoblock 1970. Erhard Klein, 9999. Artist Book 0267

Stevenson, Holly, and Nieves (Firm). Mexican Love StoryNieves, 2006. Artist Book 0761

Tamaki, Jillian. Gilded Lilies: [Comics and Drawings]. 1 vols. Montréal: Conundrum Press, 2006. Graphic Novel. PS8639 .A55 G45 2006

Tamaki, Jillian, and Drawn & Quarterly (Firm). Indoor Voice. Drawn & Quarterly, 2011. Graphic Novel. PN6733 .T33 I57 2011

Ware, Chris. Building Stories. Jonathan Cape, 2012. PN6727 .W285 B85 2012

Williams, Emmett. SoldierZédélé editions, 2014 (reprint from original 1973 edition). Artist Book 1378.

Yokoyama, Yuichi. Color EngineeringPictureBox, 2011. Graphic Novel. PN6790 .J34 Y65 2011a

Yusuke, Gunji. Drawing: Gunji Yusuke. Gunji Yusuke, 2007. Artist Book 0398

2016 – uncatalogued

ter Horst, Els. ‘t draadje. Self published (Amsterdam), 2010.

Lisinicchia, Natalia. La mirona. Do the Print (Barcelona), 2015.

Halpern, Zuni. Mono prints. Edition Taube, 2013.

Cornella, Joan. Zonzo. Fail Better Press, 2015.       604-844-3840        520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC