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Artists' Books: Print Media

PRNT 232: Book Media: Fall 2014

Abramović, Marina. 100 pisama = : 100 letters : 1965-1979Paris: Onestar Press, c2008.
Artist Book 0525

Anderson, Laurie. Words in reverseBuffalo: Hallwalls, c1979, 1982. Artist Book 0314

Arden, Roy. Roy Arden : photographs. Vancouver: Or Gallery, 1983. Artist Book 0179

Ay-o. ManifestosNew York: Primary Information, 2007. Artist Book 0412

Balderassi, John. Brutus killed CaesarAkron, Ohio: Emily H, Davis Art Gallery, 1976.
Artist Book 0081 c.2

Barry, Robert. It is… it isn’tParis: Yvon Lambert, 1972. Artist Book 0188

Beaulieu, D. A. (Derek Alexander). Hell passportVancouver: Perro Verlag, [2007-2009].
Artist Book 0775 OS

Boltanski, Christian. The consistency of shadows : exhibition catalogs as autonomous works of art.[Chicago]: Betty Rymer Gallery, 2003. Artist Book 0034 OS

Broodthaers, Marcel. A voyage on the North SeaLondon: Petersburg press, 1974.
Artist book 0029

Calle, Sophie. BlindArles: Actes Sud, 2011. Artist Book 0715 OS

Calle, Sophie. Take care of yourself . Arles: Actes Sud, 2007. Artist Book 0388 OS

Carrión, Ulises. Mirror box.  Artist Book 0025

Chan, Paul. Phaedrus pron by PlatoBrooklyn, NY: Badlands Unlimited, 2010.
Artist Book 0684

Chan, Paul. The essential and incomplete Sade for Sade’s sakeBrooklyn, NY: Badlands Unlimited, 2010. Artist Book 0565

Clay, Allyson. Loci : three performances for interior spacesVancouver: Black Stone Press, 199?.
Artist Book 0039

Cook, Jo. The auto biographies of Bucky FleurVancouver: Perro Verlag, c2005.
Artist Book 0440

Darboven, Hanne. InformationMilano: Flash Art Edizioni, c1973. Artist Book 0663

Douglas, Stan. Television talkToronto: Art Metropole, 1996. Artist Book 0222

Foer, Jonathan Safran. Tree of codes. [London]: Visual Eds, 2011. Artist Book 0585

Gerling, Volker. Junge am Kanal : Münster, Juli 2006. Berlin: Volker Gerling, 2006.
Artist Book 0559

Giezendanner, Ingo. GRR30 : urban recordings. Zurich: Passenger books, c2006.
Artist Book 0439

Graham, Rodney. Freud Supplement (170a – 170d).  [S.I.]: Christine Burgin, Yves Gevaert, Johnen & Scht̲tle and Philippe Nelson, 1989. Artist Book 0228

Graham, Rodney. Dr. NoToronto: Art Metropole, 1991. ARCHIVES Artist Book 0227

Hoffmann, Jens. Huckleberry Finn.  San Francisco: California College of the Arts, c2010.
Artist Book 0578

Hoffmann, Jens. Moby DickSan Francisco: CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, c2009.
Artist Book 0567

Leonard, Zoe. Ladies and gentlemen.  Toronto: Art Metropole, 1998. Artist Book 0244

Lum, Ken. In search of wabi-sabi. Kitakyushu, Japan Center for Contemporary Art, 2001.
Artist Book 0247

Marclay, Christian. ShuffleNew York: Aperture Foundation,  2007. Artist Book 0340

Marclay, Christian. Cyanotypes. Tampa: Graphicstudio, Zurch: JPR /Ringier: c2011.
Artist Book 0676 OS

Martens, Karel. Karel Martens : counterprintLondon: Hyphen Press, 2004. Artist Book 0064

McCarthy, Paul. Paul McCarthy’s Lowlife slowlife : Tidebox TidebookOstfildern: Hatje Cantz, 2010. Artist Book 0524

Ono, Yōko. Yoko Ono : odyssey of a cockroach DAP, 2005. Artist Book 0048

Price, Seth. DispersionNew York: 38th Street Publishers, 2008. Artist Book 0606

Roth, Dieter. Bok 3b und Bok 3d : Rekonstruktion der im Verlag “Forlag ed.” Reykjavík 1961 erschienenen BücherStuttgart: Hansjörg Mayer, 1974. Artist Book 0126

Ruscha, Edward. Some Los Angeles apartments : Edward Ruscha.  Los Angeles, CA:  Edward Ruscha; Anderson, Ritchie & Simon, 1970, c1965. Artist Book 0008

Ruscha, Edward. Twentysix gasoline stations : Edward RuschaAlhambra, CA: Edward Ruscha; The Cunningham Press, 1969, c1962. Artist Book 0009

Ruscha, Edward. Nine swimming pools : and a broken glass Edward Ruscha, 1976, c1968.
Artist Book 0005 c.2

Rüegg, Niklaus. SpukZurich: Autorinnen und Autoren, Edition Fink, 2004. Artist book 0061

Shrigley, David. Kill your petsFrankfurt am Main: Revolver, 2004. Artist Book 0043

Sonic Youth (Musical group). Letter from NYC . Toronto: Art Metropole, 2000. Artist Book 0282

Tuttle, Richard. Reading red  Köln [Germany]: König, 1998. Artist Book 0286

Van Vliet, Claire. Bookstructures : Claire Van VlietVancouver: Emily Carr Institute, 2004.
Artist Book 0017

Weiner, Lawrence. Lawrence Weiner : NYC manhole coversNew York: Public Art Fund, 2001. Artist Book 0297

Weiner, Lawrence. On top of the trees.  Lucerne [Switzerland]: Mai 36 Galerie, 1988.
Artist Book 0299

Wilde, Oscar. The picture of Dorian GrayLondon: Four Corners Books, c2007.
Artist Book 0503 OS

PRNT 232: Print Media: Spring 2015

Anderson, Laurie. NotebookNew York : Collation Center, 1977.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0103

Baxter, Iain. N.E. Thing Co.: Corporate Identity. Vancouver : N.E. Thing Co., Ltd, 1978.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0169 OS

Baxter, Iain. Thrown camera photographs. Lethbridge : Southern Alberta Art Gallery, 1979.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0192

Belliveau, Elisabeth. Don’t get lonely, don’t get lostGreenwich, N.S. : Conundrum Press, 2010.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0670

Cardiff, Janet, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Catherine Crowston, and George B. Miller. Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller: The Murder of Crows. Ostfildern: Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2011.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0701

Clark, Tamsin. Forth & back. London ; Everyday Press : 2012.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0981

Foer, Jonathan Safran. Tree of codesLondon : Visual Eds., 2011.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0585

Jacob, Luis. Album. Köln, Germany : Walther König, 2007.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0883

Jun, Li. Impermanent Instant. Vancouver: 88Books, 2012.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0829

Knowles, Alison. The Big Book. Berlin : Passenger Books, 2013.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0881

Kreig, Bettina. Bettina Kreig: Abysse. Köln : Snoeck, c2011.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0704 OS

Kruger, Barbara. Picture/readingss.n., 1978.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0693

Kruger, Barbara. We won’t play nature to your culture. London : Institute of Contemporary Arts, 1983.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0929

Laiwan. A mythology in thirteen fragmentsLaiwan, 1984.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0240

Lewitt, Sol. Bands of color : one-, two-, three-, and four-part combinations of vertical, horizontal and diagonal left and right bands of color, 1993-94. Chicago, IL : Museum of Contemporary Art, 1999.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0939

LeWitt, Sol. Lines in two directions and in five colors on five colors with all their combinationsMinneapolis, MN : Walker Art Center, c1988.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0660

Martini, Alexandra. Litter Only: A book about dustbins. Köln : Könemann, 2000.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0888

Mayday 1971: or how to lose street battles and alienate people. Self-published, 2012.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0898

Meindertsma, Christien. Pig 05049: 1:1. Rotterdam : Flocks, 2007.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0803 OS

Ono, Yōko. A box of smile. New York : Fluxus, 1971.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0604

Pauwels, Isabelle. Spin off. Vancouver: Trapp editions, 2005.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0058

Piper, Adrian. Talking to myself : the ongoing biography of an art object. Hamburg : Hossman, 1974.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0266

Richter, Gerhard. Patterns: Divided, mirrored, repeated. New York : D.A.P, 2012.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0731 OS

Ruscha, Edward. Twentysix gasoline stations : Edward RuschaAlhambra, CA: Edward Ruscha; The Cunningham Press, 1969, c1962.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0009

Shapiro, Mahla. Vancouver happeningsVancouver, B.C. : Mahla Shapiro, 2010.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0537

Sonic Youth. Letter from NYC. Toronto : Art Metropole, 2000.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0282

Stevenson, Michael. Animal Spirits: fables in the parlance of our time. Zurich : JRP/Ringler, 2013.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0914

Toiletpaper. Bologna, Italy : Freedman Damiani ; c2012.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0786 OS

Visionaire. 59, Fairytale. New York : Visionaire Publishing, c2010.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0700 OS

Wildschut, Henk. Shelter. Rotterdam : post editions, 2010.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0601 OS

Yanpeng, Lu. Memory of Stones. Vancouver : 88Books, 2012.
ARCHIVES Artist Book 0831

PRNT 323: Democratic Multiple

Branca, Glenn, Barbara Ess, and Dan Graham. Dan Graham and The Static. Sound Recording. London: Audio Arts, 1979. Special Collections – AV – Library Use Only

Graham, Dan, Dorothy Feaver, Brian Hatton, and Lisson Gallery (London, England). Dan Graham: Not Yet Realised, Pavilion Drawings. London: Lisson Gallery, 2012. N6537 .G674 A4 2012

Glier, Mike, Lisa G. Corrin, and Carol Diehl. Mike Glier: Along a Long Line. Lenox [Mass.]: Hard Press Editions, 2009. ND237 .G54 A4 2009

Greyson, John. 32 of 1640 Letters from Theresa Paolone. NIAV Publications, 1979. Artist Book 0133

Greyson, John. [John Greyson : artist file].

Graham, Dan, and Kunstverein MünchenDan Graham: PavillionsKunstverein München, 1988. Artist Book 0654

Graham, Dan. Dan Graham: Video-Architecture-Television : Writings on Video and Video Works 1970-1978.The Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, 1979. Artist Book 0938

Harvey, Michael, and Sol LeWitt. Notes on the Wall Drawings of Sol LeWitt = Notes Sur Les Dessins Muraux de Sol LeWitt. Editions Centre d’art contemporain, 1977. Artist Book 0764

LeWitt, Sol. Sol Lewitt / Six Wall Drawings: Arcs with Straight Lines, Not-Straight Lines and Broken Lines.October 1973. Cusack Gallery, Houston, Texas. Cusack Gallery, 1973. Artist Book 0085

LeWitt, Sol. Songs on Conceptual Art. Audio Recording. The LeWitt Estate, 2012. Artist Book 0909 OS

Lippard, Lucy R., Vancouver Art Gallery, and Seattle Art Museum: Contemporary Art Council. 955,000: an Exhibition organized by Lucy Lippard, The Vancouver Art Gallery, 1970 —. Art Gallery, 1970. Artist Book 0319 OS c.1

Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago, Ill.). Sol Lewitt, Bands of Color: One-, Two-, Three-, and Four-Part Combinations of Vertical, Horizontal and Diagonal Left and Right Bands of Color, 1993-94. Museum of Contemporary Art, 1999. Artist Book 0939

New Museum of Contemporary Art (New York, N.Y.). From Receiver to Remote Control: The TV Set./ Conceived and Organized by Matthew Geller ; [edited and Produced by Matthew Geller and Reese Williams]. New Museum of Contemporary Art, 1990. ExCat 53689

Ruscha, Edward. Twentysix Gasoline Stations: Edward Ruscha. Edward Ruscha; The Cunningham Press, 1969. ARCHIVES Artist Book 0009

Ruscha, Edward. Various Small Fires: And Milk. Edward Ruscha; Anderson, Ritchie & Simon, 1970.  Artist Book 0007

Ruscha, Edward. Some Los Angeles Apartments: Edward Ruscha. Edward Ruscha; Anderson, Ritchie & Simon, 1970. Artist Book 0008

Ruscha, Edward. Every building on the sunset strip. E. Ruscha], 1966. Artist Book 0273

Siegelaub, Seth. Barry, Huebler, Kosuth, Weiner. S. Siegelaub, 1969. Artist Book 0277

Siegelaub, Seth, and John W. Wendler. Carl Andre, Robert Barry, Douglas Huebler, Joseph Kosuth, Sol Lewitt, Robert Morris, Lawrence Weiner. S. Siegelaub and John W. Wendler, 1968. Artist Book 0276

Six actions for New York City: Adrian Piper, Gelitin, Spartacus Chetwynd, Jonathan Monk, Javier Téllez. Creative Time, 2007. Artist Book 0333

Weiner, Lawrence, and University of Chicago: Renaissance Society. In relation to probable use: the presentation of works of Lawrence Weiner at the Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, January 29 through March 4, 1978. University of Chicago, 1978. Artist Book 0294

Weiner, Lawrence, and Westfl̃ischer Kunstverein, 1972. Lawrence WeinerWestfl̃ischer Kunstverein, 1972.  Artist Book 0298

Weiner, Lawrence, and Public Art Fund (New York, N.Y.). Lawrence Weiner: NYC manhole coversPublic Art Fund, 2001. Artist Book 0297

Weiner, Lawrence, Daniel Buren, and Robert Self Publications. Pertaining to a structure: a structure of Lawrence Weiner most probably concerned with the placement of the residue of one structure (part of) within the context of another. Robert Self Publications, 1970?. Artist Book 0301       604-844-3840        520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC