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Artists' Books: Visual Arts Studio

VAST 305: Art & Text Studio: Beth Howe: Spring 2016

Books dealing with THE ARCHIVE — a selection of Artists’ Books that utilize quasi-archival practices such as collecting, combining or constructing out of fragments. 

Archive of Modern Conflict 2. London: Archive of Modern Conflict. 2012. Artist Book 0992

Banner, Fiona. ISBN 978-1-907118-98-2. London: Fiona Banner and the Vanity Press, 2010. Artist Book 0951 OS

Banner, Fiona. The Nam. London: Fifth Street Books, 1997. Artist Book 0115 OS

Banner, Fiona. Scroll Down and Keep Scrolling. London: Vanity Press, 2015. Artist Book 1321 OS

Cheetham, Charlotte. Library residency — printed outcome. Vancouver, 2012. Artist Book 0996 OS

ESOPUSESOPUS 20: Special Collections. New York: Esopus Foundation, 2013.

Haeg, Fritz. The Sundown Salon unfolding archive. Livingston Manor, NY: Evil Twin Publications, 2009. Artist Book 0583 OS

Hoffmann, Jens. When attitudes became form become attitudes : a restoration, a remake, a rejuvenation, a rebellion. San Francisco, CA: California College of the Arts, 2012. Artist Book 869 OS

Huws, Beth. Research notes. Koln: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Koln, 2014. Artist Book 1313 OS

Kugelberg, Johan. Semina. New York: Boo Hooray, 2013.  Artist Book 0990

Nelson, Mike. An invocation : five hundred and thirty books from Southend Central Library. Southend-on-sea: Focal Point Gallery, 2013. Artist Book 0955 OS

Rupperberg, Allen. Collector’s Paradise. New York: Christine Burgin, 2012. Artist Book 0999

Ruppersberg, Allen. Re-Animating the 20th Century. New York: Independent Curators International, 2014. Artist Book 1032 OS

Wasswa, Kaddu. The Kaddu Wasswa archive. Utrecht: Post Editions, 2010. Artist Book 0586

VAST 320: Operations with Chance: Rodney Konopaki: Spring 2016

What happens if an artist intentionally gives up control of a work’s outcome? Is it possible to make art when there are no compositional rules and deliberated aesthetics? In the creative process can decisions be made by rolling the dice? If one removes the eye and hand from the creation of a work what are the criteria for its success?  This is a selection of books that consider chance, randomness, games, accident, machines, contingency and indeterminacy as beginning points for making, and exemplify this course’s objectives.

Baldessari, John. Throw three balls in the air to get a straight line : best of thirty-six attempts. Artist Book 0185

Baxter, Iain. Thrown camera photographs. Artist Book 0192

Brecht, George. Water Yam. Artist Book 0010

Calle, Sophie. Exquisite Pain. Artist Book 0147

Goodden, Emly. Sleep drawing. Artist Book 1366

Harvey, Michael. Notes on the wall drawings of Sol Lewitt = Notes sur les dessins muraux de Sol Lewitt. Artist Book 0764

Kaprow, Allan. Assemblages, environments & happenings. SPEC COL. PN 3203. K3 1996

Kelsey, Robin Earle. Photography and the Art of Chance. 2015. UNCATALOGUED (see front desk)

Lewitt, Sol. Sol Lewitt / wall drawings : seventeen squares of eight feet with sixteen lines and one arc. Sept 16 to Oct 14 1973. Artist Book 0084

Lewitt, Sol. Six wall drawings: arcs with straight lines, not-straight lines and broken lines. October 1973. Arist Book 0085

Louise, Phillips. 50/50 draw: the book. Artist Book 0486

Maciunas, George. Flux paper events. Artist Book 0120

Malasauskas, Raimundas Turner, Grady T. Art in General, Inc. Artist Book 0549

Marclay, Christian. Christian Marcaly: Shuffle. Artist Book 0340

Spoerri, Daniel. An anecdoted topography of chance. Artist Book 0318

Hendricks, Jon. Fluxus etc: addenda I : the Gilbert and Lila Silverman collection. SPEC. COL. NX 600 .C6 F481 1983



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