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Artists' Books: Curatorial Practices

Curatorial Practices

A selection of books compiled using a wide variety methodologies based off of curatorial practices.  Artists address different ideas of what a curator does — acting as collector, archivist, organizer, and translator..  Some use the book form as an exhibition space, while others present material and ask the viewer to act as the curator. 

Reading List

Peep-Hole Sheet: Quarterly of Artists’ Writings. 2009.  Artist Book 0882 V.1

Peep-Hole Sheet: Quarterly of Artists’ Writings. 2009.  Artist Book 0882 V.2

Peep-Hole Sheet: Quarterly of Artists’ Writings. 2009.  Artist Book 0882 V.3

Peep-Hole Sheet: Quarterly of Artists’ Writings. 2009.  Artist Book 0882 V.4

Songs on Conceptual Art. 2012.  Artist Book 0909 OS

An Invocation: Five Hundred And Thirty Books from Southend Central Library. 2013.  Artist Book 0955 OS

Banner, Fiona. The Nam. 1997.  Artist Book 0115 OS

Barry, Robert. It Is… It Isn’t. 1972.  Artist Book 0188

Baxter, Iain. A Portfolio of Piles. 1968.  Artist Book 0189

Baxter, Iain. Thrown Camera Photographs. 1979?  Artist Book 0192

Brecht, George. Water Yam. 1963.  Artist Book 0010 OS

Carrión, Ulises. Mirror Box.  Artist Book 0025

Cutforth, Roger. The Empire State Building: A Reference Work. 1969.  Artist Book 0212

Darboven, Hanne. Information. 1973.  Artist Book 0663

Desjardin, Arnaud. The Book on Books on Artists Books. 2011.  Artist Book 0733

Favaretto, Lara. Momentary Monument: The Swamp. 2010.  Artist Book 1005

Fulton, Hamish. Sixteen Selected Walks. 1975.  Artist Book 0224

Gaillard, Cyprien. Cyprien Gaillard: The Recovery of Discovery. 2012.  Artist Book 0922 OS

Graham, Dan. Dan Graham: Pavillons. 1988.  Artist Book 0654

Graham, Rodney. Dr. No. 1991.  Artist Book 0227

Hirsch, Antonia. Komma: After Dalton Trumbo’s Johnny Got His Gun. 2010.  Artist Book 0609

Horvitz, David. Rarely Seen Bas Jan Ader Film. 2009.  Artist Book 0686

Huebler, Douglas. Secrets: Variable Piece 4. 1973.  Artist Book 0235

Kuri, Gabriel. Join The Dots And Make A Point. 2011.  Artist Book 0600

Lassry, Elad. Elad Lassry on Onions: A Photographic Study. 2012.  Artist Book 0842

Lewitt, Sol. Sol Lewitt / Six Wall Drawings: Arcs with Straight Lines, Not-Straight Lines and Broken Lines. October 1973. Cusack Gallery, Houston, Texas. 1973.  Artist Book 0085

Lippard, Lucy R. 955,000: An Exhibition Organized By Lucy Lippard, the Vancouver Art Gallery, January 13 to February 8, 1970. 1970.  Artist Book 0319 OS 

Long, Gareth. The Illustrated Dictionary of Received Ideas = Le Dictionnaire Illustré Des Idées Reçues. 2010.  Artist Book 0574 OS

Maciunas, George. Flux Paper Events. 1976.  Artist Book 0120

Mcgrew-Yule, Rebecca. Sam Falls: Ferns and Palms. 2014.  Artist Book 1143

Mir, Aleksandra. Daily News. 2002.  Artist Book 0649

Monk, Jonathan. & Milk: Today Is Just A Copy Of Yesterday. 2004.  Artist Book 0041 

Morison, Heather. Falling Into Place. 2009.  Artist Book 0878

Pichler, Michalis. Sculpture: un Coup De Dés Jamais N’abolira Le Hasard. 2008.  Artist Book 0735

Ptak, Laurel. David Horvitz: Sad, Depressed, People. 2012.  Artist Book 0744

Ruscha, Edward. Various Small Fires: And Milk. 1970.  Artist Book 0007

Ruscha, Edward. Twentysix Gasoline Stations: Edward Ruscha. 1969.  Artist Book 0009

Siegelaub, Seth. Barry, Huebler, Kosuth, Weiner. 1969.  Artist Book 0277

Siegelaub, Seth. Carl Andre, Robert Barry, Douglas Huebler, Joseph Kosuth, Sol Lewitt, Robert Morris, Lawrence Weiner. 1968.  Artist Book 0276

Simon, Taryn. Contraband. 2010.  Artist Book 0673 OS

Sonic Youth. Letter from NYC. 2000.  Artist Book 0282

Thomson, Mungo. People. 2011.  Artist Book 0773

Tuazon, Oscar. Making Books. 2011.  Artist Book 0736

Weiner, Lawrence. Flowed. 1970s.  Artist Book 0098       604-844-3840        520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC