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Artists' Books: Zines


Zines are often rough, self-published, small-circulation, handmade booklets of an ephemeral nature. Click here for a complete list.

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Hair Hair Hair / Ragnar Persson, 2012.

Reading List

Burke, Courtney, James Whitman, Bucky Fleur, and Wesley Mulvin.  Le comète du canard bleu : postcards  prints  drawings  ephemera & books. Mayne Island, BC: Perro Verlag, 2012. Print. Artist Book 0772.

Cook, Jo, Florentine Perro, Sally Ireland, Tammy McGrath, Yasuko Thanh, and Gallery 101. The auto biographies of Bucky Fleur. Perro Verlag, 2005. Print. Artist Book 0440.

Carlson, Eric Timothy. &&&. Chicago: Journal of Artists’ Books, 2011. Print. Artist Book 1064.

Davis, Adam, Kate Schaefer, and Division Leap (Firm). 2011. Division Leap. 3 : a traveling exhibition. Division Leap. Print. Artist Book 0687.

Fizzzbzzzz! What you see & what you see : nine plant drawings.  Barcelona : The Plant, 2013. Print. Zine 0009.

Hongxun, Yang. 2012. Untitled life. 88Books. Print. Artist Book 0832.

Hui, Yi. 2012. Winds from Aidingkol. 88Books. Print. Artist Book 0830.

Jun, Li. 2012. Impermanent instant. 88Books. Print. Artist Book 0829.

Katagiri, Yuka. 2008. Domicile conjugal. Nieves. Print. Artist Book 0506.

Lu, Yanpeng. 2012. Memory of stones. 88Books. Print. Artist Book 0831.

Luk, Eunice. Not a line but a poemZurich: Nieves, 2014. Print. Zine 0015.

Persson, Ragnar. 2012. Dark mountain. self-published. Print. Artist Book 0900.

Persson, Ragnar. 2012. Hair hair hair. self-published. Print. Artist Book 0902.

Price, Seth. 2008.  Dispersion. 38th Street Publishers. Lib New York Art Book Fair. Print. Artist Book 0606.

Shrigley, David. 2011. Fragments of torn-up drawings. BQ. Print. Artist Book 0710.

Sumi Ink Club (Group of artists), and Nieves (Firm). 2006. Glamour Banner. Nieves. Print. Zine 0014.

Summer Institute for Teens: Aboriginal Arts Studio ; compiled by Nicole Brabant. ZineVancouver: Emily Carr University of Art and Design, 2013. Print. Zine 0004.

Wolf, Jeremiah, and Vissukamma Ratsaphong. 2010. Things just couldn’t get better. Welcome Stranger. Print. Artist Book 0897.

Yanchu, Sun. 2012. Obsessed. 88Books. Print. Artist Book 0833.

Jensen,  Jacob Gronbech. Cars Kill. Stockholm, Copenhagen : Drucksache, 2013. Print. Artist Book 1045       604-844-3840        520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC