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Artists' Books: Publishers and Distributers

Publishers and Distributers

Artists’ Books Publishers

The following is a selection of publishers that are represented in the Artists’ Books Collection. They range from small, independent publishing projects to well-established art book publishers and designers. For more, see LA Art Book Fair’s extensive list of exhibitors.

Independent publishing projects + press:


5×7 is a publishing project  of Chicago-based designer Alex Fuller that only produces small editions with the dimensions of 5″ x 7″.

Access Gallery

Access Gallery is a gallery based in Vancouver’s Chinatown. They produce exhibition catalogues and other artistic publications.

Archive of Modern Conflict

The Archive of Modern Conflict is both an independent publisher and an archive collecting commonplace photographs and ephemera relating to war and human conflict.

Badlands Unlimited

Founded in 2010 by artist Paul Chan, Badlands Unlimited publishes e-books, limited edition paper books, and artist works in digital and print forms.

Bywater Bros. Editions

New York publisher Bywater Bros. Editions works with artists to publish both books and  contemporary artworks in limited and unlimited editions.

Colour Code

Colour Code is an independent print studio and publishing platform based in Toronto, Canada that specialises in Risograph printing, thermography and screenprinting.

Division Leap

“Division Leap is a gallery, bookstore, and publishing project in inner SE Portland. Since 2005 we’ve specialized in rare books, art, periodicals, manuscripts, ephemera, and archives.”

Everyday Press

The Everyday Press was founded in 2007 by artist Arnaud Desjardin to publish the work of visual artists as printed matter.

Einstein Studio

Einstein Studio is a Japanese organization intent on promoting the work of young Japanese photographers through the publication of photobooks.

Gottlund Verlag

Gottlund Verlag is an independent artists’ books publisher based out of Kutztown, Pennsylvania that produces hand bound books out of their on-site bindery.

Hotam Press

Vancouver artist Ho Tam uses Hotam Press to publish and distribute the artist’s journal of the same name, as well as limited edition books.

Just Seeds Artists’ Cooperative

Just Seeds Artists’ Cooperative is a “decentralized network of 30 artists committed to making print and design work that reflects a radical social, environmental, and political stance.” Their Pittsburgh distribution centre produces zines, posters, and other printed materials.

Lovely Daze

Artist Charwei Tsai founded Lovely Daze, a limited edition journal of artist’s writings and artworks published biannually.

Mousse Publishing

Mousse Publishing is an independent publishing house founded in 2006 focusing on artist monographs and books.

Mystery Spot Books

“Mystery Spot Books produces small-run artist books, zines, and other publications that trace the contours and quirks of place-based experience in the human-altered landscape. Mystery Spot is a project of Minneapolis-based artist Chad Rutter and Austin-based writer Emily Roehl.”

New Documents

New Documents is a Vancouver and Los Angeles based publisher.


Onestar Press was founded in 2000 and is dedicated to the collection and production of books, multiples, and movies by artists.

Paper Pusher

Paper Pusher is the experimental Risograph print and design studio of Jp King. Based in Toronto, Canada Paper Pusher is more than just a publishing house, it is a publication research lab, living classroom, and collaborative platform where curiosity and relationships serve as inspiration in the pursuits of artistic and cultural production.

Perish Publishing

A Canadian artists’ book publisher.

Primary Information

“Primary Information is a non-profit organization devoted to printing artists’ books, artists’ writings, out-of-print publications and editions.” Primary Information has a particular focus on neglected works of importance.

Publication Studio

Publication Studio was started in 2009 by Portland-based publishers Matthew Stadler and Patricia No as a print-on-demand publisher that connects artists to the public.


Founded in 1999, Revolver is devoted to publishing conceptual artists books, international exhibition catalogues, writing series on contemporary art, monographs, audio/video projects, as well as children books by artists and readers.

Sigrid Calon

Sigrid Calon is a Dutch artist who creates prints and books primarily using Risoprint techniques.

Slow Editions

“Slow Editions is a Canadian independent publisher of artist books and multiples. Committed to producing and distributing compelling printed matter that serves as both art objects and publications by contemporary artists.”

Triple Canopy

Based in New York, Triple Canopy is a magazine and nonprofit operating since 2007. Triple Canopy adds to their publication digital art and literature, books and public programming.

Werkplatas Typografie

Werkplatas Typografie is a Netherlands master’s programme and workshop established in 1998 that produces limited edition artists’ books, many of which are for sale in their online shop.

X Marks the Bökship

X Marks the Bökship is a bookshop and project space for independent publishers in London, UK. It specialises in small press publications by artists and designers.



Art Book Publishers (including limited edition Artists’ Books)

Bedford Press

Initiated by the Architectural Association in 2008, Bedford Press is a London-based private press dedicated to the development of contemporary models of publication practice.

ECU Press

“The mandate of the press is to present the work of emerging Vancouver based artists alongside international artists by publishing artists’ books, monographs, collected writings and music projects.”


Founded in 2004, JRP-Ringier is a Swiss-based publisher of high-quality books on contemporary art.

K. Verlag

Founded in 2011 by Anna-Sophie Springer and Charles Stankievech, K.Verlag is interested in the exploration of the book as a site for exhibition.

Lars Müller

Lars Müller Publishers was started in 1983 by designer Lars Müller for the production of quality edited and designed publications on architecture, design, and contemporary art.

Sternberg Press

Growing out of the small publishing house Lukas & Sternberg founded in 1999 by Caroline Schneider, Sternberg Press focuses on the creative publishing of art criticism, theory, fiction, and artists’ books.

Thames & Hudson

Thames & Hudson was founded in 1949  by Walter and Eva Neurath in order to make the world of art accessible to a broader public through the publication of research and findings by top scholars and academics.

Violette Editions

Established in 1997 by Robert Violette, Violette Editions focuses on contemporary art and culture publications and is  known for their originality and high editorial, print and production standards.



Distributors + Bookshops

Anagram Books

Anagram Books is a London-based distributor of contemporary art books.

Art Metropole

Founded in 1974, Art Metropole is a Canadian contemporary artist-run center that publishes, promotes, exhibits, archives, and distributes artists’ books, video, audio, multiples, and other multiple-media artworks.

Boekie Woekie

Boekie Woekie is a bookshop in Amsterdam which houses a large number of artists’ books and hosts frequent small exhibitions, providing support and presentation space for self-published authors.

Booklyn (Booklyn Artists Alliance)

Booklyn is an artist-run center founded in 1999 that promotes artists’ books and assists artists and organizations with the documentation, exhibition, and distribution of their artwork and archives.

Christophe Daviet – Thery

Christophe Daviet – Thery is a Paris bookstore dedicated to the distribution and exhibition of books by contemporary artists.


Founded in 1990, DAP (Distributed Art Publishers) is America’s largest source for books, special editions, and rare publications on twentieth century art, photography, design, and aesthetic culture.

do you read me?!

Berlin-based bookstore and project-space. Offers a selection of assorted magazines and other readings from around the world. The spectrum ranges from fashion, photography and art, through architecture, interior and design to cultural matters and society.

Donlon Books

Owned and curated by Connor Donlon, Donlon Books is an independent bookshop that distributes books, zines, and other publications informed by art, photography, cultural theory, and music.

Granary Books

Granary Books is a small, independent publisher that has sought to produce, promote, and contextualize the investigation of small press publishing, poetry, and artists’ book histories since the mid-1990s.

Luminous Books at ICA, London

Luminous Books is an itinerant bookshop with a focus on art, fiction and theory.

Motto Distribution

Motto Distribution was founded in 2007 by Alexis Zavialoff. It distributes a large selection of artists’ books, publications, magazines, and editions internationally.

Or Gallery

The Or Gallery in Vancouver is an artist-run center founded in 1983 that exhibits both local and international artists. The Or Bookstore accompanies the gallery and carries a variety of printed matter including artists’ books, monographs, editions, monographs, design publications, local publishing, critical theory texts, journals, and magazines.

Printed Matter

Founded in 1976 by artists and artworkers, Printed Matter is the largest non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of artists’ publications.

Pro qm, Berlin

A thematic Bookstore for Architecture, Pop, Politics, Design, Theory and Art

Project Space

Project Space is a non-profit organization dedicated to publication as an artistic medium and alternative art space located in Vancouver. They’re also the purveyor of the annual Vancouver Art / Book Fair.


An award-winning bookstore, READ Books carries a wide range of exhibition catalogues, critical theory texts, editions, artists’ books, magazines, textbooks, artist’s monographs and hosts books launches and readings on a regular basis. READ is located within the Charles H. Scott Gallery at Emily Carr.

Spector Books

Spector Books publishes books at the intersection of art, theory, and design. The Leipzig-based publishing house explores the possibilities offered by an active exchange between all parties involved in the book production process: artists, authors, book designers, lithographers, printers and bookbinders. The book as medium is turned into a stage, a site of encounter and productive exchange.

Contact Us       604-844-3840        South Building Emily Carr University Library 1400 Johnston St., Granville Island Vancouver, BC