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Animation: Books and Videos

Finding Books and Videos

Keyword is the broadest search strategy possible. It is recommended that you start your search for books and videos in the library using a keyword search with one or two terms and then begin to narrow down your topic by adding more keywords or by looking at the subject headings assigned to relevant titles in your results list.

Start to take note of relevant terms such as "animated films", storytelling AND animationstorytelling AND Disney, etc.

You will begin to develop a language that will help you specify search terms and also write your paper.

Some suggested keywords to use when searching for books in the library catalogue include:

  • Animation industry
  • Cartoons
  • Developmental animation
  • Experimental animation
  • Flip books
  • Stop motion

Notable Books


Call Numbers - Where to Find Books and Videos in the Library

TR897.5 is the main call number area to find books on animation but there are books on animation in other areas as well:

  • NC780: Animal anatomy
  • NC1002: Storyboarding
  • NC1765: Animation history and techniques, Storytelling
  • PN1997.5: Animated films
  • TR800: Animation (cinematography)
  • TR897: Animation
  • TR897.7: Facial animation/modeling

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