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Architecture: Books and Videos

Notable Books

Notable Videos

Call Numbers - Where to Find Books and Videos in the Library

The Library uses this system to arrange items on the shelves according to their subject matter. Items can be found in the following call number ranges:

Subclass NA

NA1-9428 Architecture

NA1-60 General

NA100-130 Architecture and the state

NA190-1555.5 History

NA1995 Architecture as a profession

NA2000-2320 Study and teaching. Research

NA2335-2360 Competitions  

NA2400-2460. Museums. Exhibitions

NA2500-2599 General works

NA 2599.5-2599.9 Architectural criticism

NA2695-2793 Architectural  drawing and design

NA2835-4050 Details and decoration

NA4100-8480 Special classes of buildings

NA4100-4145 Classed by material

NA4150-4160 Classed by form

NA4170-8480 Classed by use

NA4170-(7020) Public buildings

NA4590-5621 Religious architecture

NA7100-7884 Domestic architecture. Houses. Dwellings

NA7910-8125 Farm architecture

NA8200-8260 Clubhouses, guild houses, etc.

NA8300-8480 Outbuildings, gates, fences, etc

NA9000-9428 Aesthetics of cities. City planning and beautifying

TR624-835 Applied photography Including artistic, commercial, medical photography, photocopying processes       604-844-3840        520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC