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HUMN 101 Spring 2017: Vancouver Special Exhibition

Choosing a Topic

Break your research topic down into Keywords and brainstorm a potential topic/theme that will hep direct your research in the library. Think about the WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE of your topic.
The exhibition at the VAG is already broken down into these specific themes:
  • A number of artists engage with Surrealist strategies and ideas. They explore the unconscious and diverse modes of perception, speaking to notions of alienation, escape, romanticism and even the grotesque. In some instances, the works exude a comic tone; in others, a sense of the uncanny points to spirits of unrest that lurk beneath the surface.
  • Several artists present a range of approaches to abstraction. This naturally includes a number of painters, as well as sculptors and artists working with textiles who implicate the meaning of gesture or the history of modern painting without necessarily putting brush to canvas.
  • Other artists are invested in the possibilities of working conceptually to address today’s social contexts. Questioning dominant systems of knowledge, these artists make sense of the world through material processes, recurrent gestures and other types of interventions.--VAG


Many of the artists in the Vancouver Special exhibit are emerging artists, which means there may not yet be scholarly resources written about them. If you cannot find information on an artist in our databases or catalogue, try branching out to other resources. Look at the artist's official website or websites of galleries where they previously exhibited their work. See if they have any artists' books in the ECU Library collection. Search exhibition catalogues from previous exhibits. If you want to find scholarly resources, broaden your search terms to find information on themes prevalent in their work.   

Artists in the exhibition:

  • Derya Akay​
  • Maya Beaudry
  • Raymond Boisjoly
  • Eli Bornowsky
  • Rebecca Brewer
  • Colleen Brown
  • Matt Browning
  • Mark Delong
  • Kim Dorland
  • Barry Doupé
  • Michael Drebert
  • Julia Feyrer
  • Jeneen Frei Njootli
  • Tamara Henderson
  • Colleen Heslin
  • Julian Hou
  • Allison Hrabluik
  • Gareth James
  • Garry Neill Kennedy
  • Tiziana la Melia
  • Khan Lee
  • Lyse Lemieux
  • Glenn Lewis
  • Anne Low
  • Elizabeth McIntosh
  • Jordan Milner
  • Antoni Oko
  • Ryan Peter
  • Sylvain Sailly
  • Rachelle Sawatsky
  • Walter Scott
  • Krista Belle Stewart
  • Angela Teng
  • Mina Totino
  • Ron Tran
  • Tristan Unrau
  • Charlene Vickers
  • Brent Wadden
  • Alison Yip

Annotated Bibliography

Your essay handout includes an excellent description of what an annotated bibliography is and what to include when writing one. For further information see the following:

Writing Annotated Bibliographies, ECUAD Writing Center

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography, SFU



​Some Keywords to search with might include:

  • ambivalen*
  • surreal*
  • unconscious
  • perception
  • alienation
  • romanticism
  • grotesque
  • abstract*
  • conceptual 
  • gesture
  • knowledge

In Class Power Point Presentation

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