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HUMN 101 Spring 2017: Sonny Assu Exhibition

Getting Started

You have several choices in shaping this assignment. You may choose to write about one work, several works, or you may focus on the artist's body of work. You will do research about the objects or artist you have chosen, contextualizing your choice within this exhibition. For your research, you must use 4-6 sources, one of which will be the gallery or exhibition website.

We Come to Witness: Sonny Assu in Dialogue with Emily Carr @ VAG

Begin by reading and rereading your course assignment. Keep in mind the following:

  • required length of the paper
  • the number of reference resources required
  • the kind of documents required to support your research and where to find them
  • any other special requirements


‚ÄčAs you work your way through the Sonny Assu exhibition try to develop some keywords that will help you place his work into broader themes and contexts. Below are some examples of keywords you may want to try using when searching for resources for your bibliography and essay.

  • colonialism
  • indiginous art
  • Emily Carr
  • first nations art
  • native american art
  • conceptual art

Annotated Bibliography

Your essay handout includes an excellent description of what an annotated bibliography is and what to include when writing one. For further information see the following:

Writing Annotated Bibliographies, ECUAD Writing Center

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography, SFU



In Class Power Point Presentation