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In this guide

In this guide you will find resources to help you do research for your assignment. 

           *Learn how to evaluate resources
           *Get suggestions on where to search for images
           *Get tips on searching the library catalogue and databases
           *Learn where to find scholarly resources
           *Find out about resources available in the library
           *Find resources on writing comparative analysis, and writing about art
           *Find resources on citing your sources

Where to begin

Research is a creative and experimental process!

Try taking these steps to start research for your assignment

1. Read the assignment guidelines carefully
2. Think about the types of resources you will need (scholarly articles, images, books, etc.)
3. Brainstorm keywords and phrases to use in your searches
4. Search for images of self-portraits in databases and library resources
5. Think about how you want to narrow the focus of your paper
6. Search for scholarly articles to support your ideas


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