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Artists' Books

A guide to accessing the artists' books collection at the ECU Library. Includes a blog about books in the collection and thematic reading lists

FNDT 112: Drawing: Keith Langergraber: Spring 2017

This selection of books from the collection represent altered books and books that appropriate material from works of art or other pieces of literature.

FNDT 151: Printmaking: Madeleine Sauve: Spring 2016

This selection of books includes relatively straight forward, simply constructed works representing a broad range of approaches to print media within the book form.  Accordion and folded work is represented heavily as well as basic narrative, zines, and relief.  


Alys, Francis. Postcards. New York: Museum of Modern Art, 2010. Artist Book 0607

Anderson, Laurie. Night Life. Gottingen, Germany. Edition 7L, 2006. Artist Book 0331

Aoki, Ryoko. Chain Ring. Tokyo: Foil Co. Ltd., 2009. Artist Book 0778

Bancroft, Marian Penner. Two places at once: transfigured wood part 4. Vancouver: Western Front, 1986. Artist Book 0186

Brown, Aimee Henny. Ouija Orphans. Vancouver: self-published, 2012. Artist Book 1058

Bryant, Will. Booger ball buffet. Los Angeles: Valley Cruise Press, 2014. Artist Book 1043

Bucaille, Max. Entre le sommeil et le noir. Amiens: Nyctalope, 1982. Artist Book 1109

Burns, Bill. Analgesia. Montreal: Rochefort, 1993. Artist Book 0489

Calle, Sophie. Suite ventienne. Los Angeles, CA: Sigilo Press, 2015. Artist Book 1148

Cole, Tom Clohosy. Space Race. London: Nobrow Press, 2015. Artist Book 0850

Decker, Julie, David Edlefsen and Ron Glowen. The mystery of the magic box: an open and shut case. Anchorage, Alaska: Anchorage Museum of History and Art, 1995. Artist Book 0026

Dunham, Kaye. My Father the Universe. RMD Associates, 1967. Artist Book 0144

Folon, Jean Michel. The conversation. New York: Harmony Books, 1983. Artist Book 0787

Geiger, Karin. Inbetweem: a documentary invention. Frankfurt am main: Revolver, 2003. Artist Book 0037

Golden Cosmos. High times: a history of aviation. London: Nobrow Press, 2012. Artist Book 0851

Horvitz, David. The distance of a day. Artist Book 0908

Katagiri, Yuka. Domicile Conjugal. Zurich: Nieves, 2008. Artist Book 0506

Kaufan, Margaret. Aunt Sallie’s Lament. San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books, 1993. Artist Book 0136

Lander, Tim. Les Petits Animaux. Port Townsend, WA: Sagittarius Press, 1996. Artist Book 0598

McNeil, Jessie. Vancouver Treasure Map issue no. 2. Vancouver: self-published. Artist Book 1060

Miller, Del. Once Upon a Tree. S.I. : s.n., 1987. Artist Book 1325

Perry, Mike. The universe is a little too big. Portland: Mike Perr, 2009. Artist Book 0317

Roht, Mikayla. Navigate. Vancouver: self-published, 2014. Artist Book 1174

Ruscha, Edward. Every building on the sunset strip. Los Angeles: E. Ruscha, 1966. Artist Book 0273

Shopsin, Tamara. What is this? Los Angeles: The Ice Plant, 2015. Artist Book 1323

Stevenson, Holly. Mexican Love Story. Zurich: Nieves, 2006. Artist Book 0761

Sullivan, Derek. Persistent huts. New York: Printed Matter, Inc., 2008. Artist Book 0435

The Little Otsu living things series. Portland, OR: Little Otsu, 2010-. Artist Book 1299 v.2

The Little Otsu living things series. Portland, OR: Little Otsu, 2010-. Artist Book 1299 v.4

The Little Otsu living things series. Portland, OR: Little Otsu, 2010-. Artist Book 1299 v.7

Van Vliet, Claire. Bookstructures. Artist Book 0017

Webb, Hillary. A History of Brewing in Vancouver. Vancouver: Hillary Webb, 2014. Artist Books 1321       604-844-3840        520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC