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Types of Resources

Below you will find information on the following collections:

  • Emily Carr academic calendar archive
  • Emily Carr degree exhibition images
  • Emily Carr masters theses

Emily Carr Academic Calendar Archive

In 2012 the Emily Carr University Library received a grant from the BC History Digitization Program to digitize 83 years of school calendars. By digitizing this collection we're able to broaden access and preserve the physical materials in our archive. This unique collection will be useful to people who are interested in the history of art, design and media education, as well as the administrators, faculty and staff who have made huge contributions to the creative sectors in Vancouver, BC, Canada and around the world. The format and design of the calendars are beautiful, quirky and reflect the culture of this institution as well as being excellent examples of design from different eras.

View the collection of historical calendars

Thank you
Thank you to the BC History Digitization Program for the generous grant. Special thanks to Monica Duguid and Beki Orr for their work on the metadata and to Mark Jordan and Ian Song at SFU Library for help with CONTENTdm. 

Illustrating the changes in art education

The courses offered over the past 83 years reflect how studio arts education has changed. Courses taught in 1925-26 included classes on commercial illustration, plaster modeling, costume design and embroidery. 1951-52 included classes on commercial lettering and layout. 1990-91 includes classes on computer graphics and 3-D design studio. Courses on drawing, illustration, ceramics and sculpture have been offered throughout the history of the school.

Notable people

Many of the instructors and administrators from Emily Carr have made major contributions to art, design and culture in British Columbia. Making this unique history accessible online helps researchers, people interested in local history, or people working in the arts and cultural industries have a better understanding of the past. For example, Burnaby’s Shadbolt Centre for the Arts was named in honour of Jack Shadbolt who was the head of the Drawing and Painting Department in the 40s and 50s. Charles H. Scott was the first principal of the Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Art. In addition to serving as the principal for 1926-1952 he was instrumental in establishing the Vancouver Art Gallery. Fred Varley, member of the Group of Seven, and Jock MacDonald, member of the Painters Eleven, also taught at the school. Kate Adeline Smith Hoole and Grace Melvin, both painters, are two of the notable women in the history of the school.

Drawing inspiration

Many of the calendars themselves are unique and beautiful objects. For example, the 1959-60 prospectus was typeset and printed on rag paper, and the cover was silkscreened. The covers of the prospectus from 1961-62 was silkscreened by graphics students (there are at least two designs), and the booklet was printed by offset lithography. The 1961-62 prospectus also contains coloured images, like the one above, that have been tipped in to the pages. The design of the calendars are excellent examples of how communication/graphic design and fonts have changed over the years.

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Emily Carr Grad Show Images

Photo documentation of the annual Emily Carr Grad Show. Each year includes images of individual works and installation views.

The library has grad show photo documentation on CD-ROM since 2003. These can be found in the library catalogue. Previous to 2003 slides were taken of individual works. These slides are kept in the Library Archives - please see the circulation desk for access. Electronic documentation is also available for images from 2007-2017.

Cheryl Carpenter, 2012 grad show

Emily Carr Masters Theses

Emily Carr University Masters theses are available as PDFs. Bound paper copies from 2008-2010 are also available in the Library. Search the Library catalogue to find the call number.

Entire Collection (2008 - 2017)
2017 Masters Theses
2016 Masters Theses

2015 Masters Theses
2014 Masters Theses
2013 Masters Theses
2012 Masters Theses
2011 Masters Theses
2010 Masters Theses
2009 Masters Theses
2008 Masters Theses       604-844-3840        520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC