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Ending Violence Against Women

This guide brings together artistic, scholarly and activist material that is related to violence against women and includes information on the Montreal Massacre itself, local resources and links to sites of activism.

Notable Films + Videos

After the Montreal Massacre. Dir. Gerry Rogers. Montréal: National Film Board of Canada, 2006, c1990. DVD.

Buffe, Erna. The Burning Times. Dir. Donna Read. Montreal: National Film Board of Canada, 2007. DVD.

Golub/Spero. Dir. Irene Sosa. Chicago: Kartemquin Educational Films, 2006. DVD.

Judy Chicago and the California Girls, 2003. DVD.

Longinotto, Kim, Girjashanker Vohra, and Amber Latif. Pink Saris. Dir. Kim Longinotto. New York: Women Make Movies, 2010. DVD.

Morgan, Sher and Pamela Millar. Marker of Change: The Story of the Women’s Monument. Dir. Moira Simpson. Perf. Beth Alber. Vancouver: Millar, Morgan & May Street Group, 1998. VHS.

Poirier, Anne Claire, Marthe Blackburn, Marthe, Jacques Gagné, Vikas Jha, Germain Houde, Paul Savoie. A Scream From Silence/ Mourir à tue-têteMontreal: National Film Board of Canada, 1979. VHS.

Rape Culture. Dir. Lazarus, Margaret and Renner Wunderlich. Renner Wunderlich. Ed. Renner Wunderlich. Cambridge: Cambridge Documentary Films, 1983. DVD.

Reclaiming the Body: Feminist Art in America. New York : Michael Blackwood, 2008. DVD.

Shooting Women. Dir. Alexis Krasilovsky. Ed. Katey Bright. New York: Women Make Movies, 2009. DVD.

Schneemann, Carolee and Maria Beatty. Imaging her erotics. Toronto, VTape, 1992. VHS

!W.A.R. !Women Art Revolution. Lynn Hershman Leeson, 2010. DVD       604-844-3840        520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC