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Ending Violence Against Women

This guide brings together artistic, scholarly and activist material that is related to violence against women and includes information on the Montreal Massacre itself, local resources and links to sites of activism.

Artists' Books

 Baumgardner, Lisa. Bikini girl. New York : [s.n.]. SPEC. COL. Magazine.

Canadian women’s studies = Les cahiers de la femme. Scarborough, Ont. : Centennial College; Toronto : York University, [1978]-1981. SPEC. COL. – Magazines.

Hanley, JoAnn. The first generation : women and video, 1970-75. New York : Independent Curators Inc., c1993. SPEC. COL. N6494 .V53 H36 1993.

Calle, Sophie. Take care of yourself. Arles : Actes Sud, 2007. Artist Book 0388 OS.

Bacher, Lutz. Do you love me?. New York, NY : Primary Information : c2012. Artist Book 0725 OS.

Lucas, Sarah. Sarah Lucas : after 2005, before 2012. London : Koenig Books, 2012. Artist Book 0855 OS.

Geiger, Karin. Inbetween : a documentary invention. Artist Book 0037.

Clay, Allyson. Loci : three perfomances for interior spaces. Vancouver : Black Stone Press, 199?. Artist Book 0039.

Letters from home: Aa, Bb, Cc. Vancouver, BC : Amy Jones, Margaret Naylor, jil p. weaving, 1992. Artist Book 0080.

Sawyer, Carol. Carol Sawyer as Amazonia : the amazing story of one woman’s transformation! : featuring the three bad sisters and the cloud of doom!. Vancouver : Artspeak Gallery, c1998. Artist Book 0088.

Stathacos, Chrysanne. 1000+ wishes : the wish machine. 1999. Artist Book 0171.

Leonard, Zoe. Ladies and Gentlemen. Little Cockroach Press Series: #10/20. Toronto : Art Metropole, 1998.  Artist Book 0244.

Sieverding, Katharina. Katharina Sieverding : grossfotos I-X/75-77. Essen, Germany : Museum Folkwang Essen, 1977. Artist Book 0278.

Ahlers, Sonja. The selves. Montréal : Drawn & Quarterly, 2010.  Artist Book 0512.

Belliveau, Elizabeth. Don’t get lonely, don’t get lost. Greenwich, N.S. : Conundrum Press, c2010. Artist Book 0670.

Collier, Anne. Anne Collier: woman with a camera (35 mm). New Hampshire : Hassla Books, c2009. Artist Book 0713.

Aquino, Eloisa. Gertrude Stein. Montreal, Canada : B & D Press, 2010. Artist Book 0740.

Crowner, Sarah. Sarah Crowner: format. New York : Primary Information, 2012. Artist Book 0780.

Kruger, Barbara. We won’t play nature to your culture. London : Institute of Contemporary Arts, c1983. Artist Book 0929.

Fowler, Eve. Anyone telling anything is telling that thing. New York : Printed Matter inc., 2013. Artist Book 0987.       604-844-3840        520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC