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Sources of Information

A written work of fact or fiction
A broad overview on a general topic with useful citations
Information could be out of date, i.e. takes a long time to publish

Scholarly Journal
A collection of articles on a particular academic subject written and reviewed by professors and researchers
Latest research critically reviewed by experts. Citations to more articles
Very specific. May not be suitable or may be hard to understand for those new to a subject.

A source for articles of general interest and/or current events
Understandable article on a wide range of topics
Articles have few or no citations to more information. Not likely to contain research articles
Could be promotional in tone

Trade Publication
A publication containing information on new technology and practices in a specific field. Created by and for people in a specific industry.
Up to date industry information. Employment opportunities.
May contain a lot of jargon, articles could be promoting products.

Fast and easy to search
Lots of results instantly, no login required
Too much information, difficult to sift through to find reliable sources, some material cannot be found through google.

Google Scholar
Fast and easy to search
Lots of scholarly literature instantly, sometimes will lead you to full text articles.
Sometimes will only take you to the citation of an article and lead you to a dead end.

Articles created and maintained by anyone on any subject
A broad overview on a general topic (can have useful citations)
Not a good source to reference in your essay, but a great place to get started on a topic.

A source for articles on current events & editorials
Daily information
Possibility of bias

Government Web Site
It may contain statistics, policy, legal information & reports.
Created & maintained by a city / state / prov / country, etc.
Official information & research. Will provide only sanctioned information.

Association Website
A source for info on new technology & practices in a specific field. Created & maintained by an organization with a common interest or profession
Up to date industry information. Employment opportunities
Info may be available to members only       604-844-3840        520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC