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Getting Started

This research guide brings together resources to provide a starting point for research in these areas of design: communication design, interaction design, industrial design.

To get started in your research you may have to:

  • look up your topic to learn more about it quickly, Wikipedia can be a good starting place
  • learn a new vocabulary
  • find keywords or subject headings that

Below are some call number ranges relevant to all areas of design, great to browse these areas in the stacks

  • NC Graphic Design (Drawing and Illustration are also in this category)
  • NK 1500 Special Subjects for Design
  • QA Computing (Interaction Design)
  • T Technology
    • TA Engineering, Ergonomics
    • TD Environmental Technology (Pollution, Sustainability, Garbage, Recycling)
    • TK Interaction Design
    • TP Chemical Technology (Clay, Ceramic, Glass, Textile, Plastics, Polymers)
    • TS Manufacturing (Industrial Design, Packaging, Wood Technology, Papers, Textiles)
    • TT Art and Crafts (Furniture Making, Metalworking, Clothing Manufacture, Beauty Culture)
    • TX Home Economics (Cooking, Food, Hospitality Industry)
  • Z Books and Book Industry
    • Printing and publishing
    • Book Design
    • Typography
    • Calligraphy
    • Library Science
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