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Getting Started in the Library

This guide helps students and faculty get started navigating the library's online resources.

Finding Books and Media

There are a few ways to search for books and media that are available on the shelves in the library. One way is to select the library catalogue from the library home page:

Another way is to do a search via the "General Search". The General Search searches almost everything the library has access to, including books and media in the library, journal articles in databases the library subscribes to, and images. Enter your search terms in the quick search box, or for more advanced search options click advanced search.

From your results list, limit the results to catalogue only (Books & Media). Keep in mind that this will also bring up e-books.

Looking For A Book We Don't Have?

If there is a book you would like that the library does not own then there are a couple of options:

1. Take your Emily Carr student/staff/faculty card to the college/university library where the book is located to check out the item from there. If the item is at a public library you will need to obtain a public library card. For more information about borrowing from other libraries see the reciprocal borrowing page on the library website.

2. Request that the item be brought to the Emily Carr University Library by filling out an interlibrary loan form. If you need the book immediately then generally it is quicker to visit the library that has the item yourself.

3. If you are in no rush to obtain a book we don't have then feel free to suggest that we purchase it. Send us an email with as much information as you can about the book to

Browsing For Books Using Call Numbers

The vast majority of books in the library fall within the Library of Congress call number range N. There are also large numbers of titles in the P range and the T range. Here's a quick guide for browsing books in these ranges:

N - Visual Arts
NA - Architecture
NB - Sculpture
NC - Drawing. Design. Illustration.
ND - Painting
NE - Print Media
NK - Decorative Arts
NX - Arts in General
TR - Photography
PN1993-1999 Motion Pictures
Z242.9-264.5 Practical printing       604-844-3840        520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC