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Getting Started in the Library

This guide helps students and faculty get started navigating the library's online resources.

Finding Journal Articles

There are a few ways to search for articles, both academic and non academic.

One way is to do a search via the General Search, which searches almost everything the library has access to: books and media in the library, journal articles in databases the library subscribes to, and images. Enter your search terms in the quick search box, or for more advanced search options click advanced search.

If you are searching for academic sources from your results list page, look to the left for Format. Click on Academic Journals. Your results list will be reduced to include only sources deemed to be academic in nature. 

Another way to look for journal articles is to select an individual database that best suits the topic you are looking for articles on. From the A-Z Databases list if you know the database you wish to use simply select the letter its name falls under. For example, if you want to search ArtSource, click the letter A and all databases that start with the letter A will now be visible. If you don't know a particular database then click on the subjects drop down menu at the top of the database list. Choose the subject that suits your topic. For example, if you are looking for articles on photography select photography (keep in mind, this will also return image databases). Select on of the databases to begin your search.

Accessing Your Search Results

In your search results you will find a lot of the articles will be attached as a PDF or HTML file with the article citation. See result #12.

If however there isn't a PDF or HTML file like #13 then you will need to click  Where can I get this? Often when you click this you'll be led to an Open Access version of the article or directly to the publisher's website where you can read it. Sometimes though there is no online access to the article and you will need to request the article be sent to the ECU library via interlibrary loan. You will be able to request an interlibrary loan when you click Where can I get this? and there is no further online access to an article or there is not a print version of the article in the library.       604-844-3840        520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC