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Library Staff Art Exhibition

Features artwork by members of the library team

About the Exhibition

The library exhibitions committee have been talking about a staff art show for a year now, maybe more. We last had an exhibition of staff work when we left Granville Island in July of 2017, a time of new beginnings tinged with the loss of leaving.
Now here we are, three years later, working from home. Sharing some of the creative work we’ve been doing is a way of connecting, reaching out to show people that we’re still here.
What connections are there between the work we’ve been making? All of It is a building upon itself – the act of creativity beginning with a small step, repeated, until there is something to show. This show is a window into the little bit of everything that propels us to make: embroidery, weaving, drawing, zines, gardening, music, video, photography.
Some of us set out to make art intentionally.  We want to learn a new skill, or refine an existing one.  Some of it is documentation, what we see, what we feel.  Or a repetition, something to do with our hands. Thank you for looking.

Featuring work by:       604-844-3840        520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC