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Artists' Books

A guide to accessing the artists' books collection at the ECU Library. Includes a blog about books in the collection and thematic reading lists

VAST 305: Art & Text Studio: Beth Howe: Spring 2016

Books dealing with THE ARCHIVE — a selection of Artists’ Books that utilize quasi-archival practices such as collecting, combining or constructing out of fragments. 

VAST 320: Operations with Chance: Rodney Konopaki: Spring 2016

What happens if an artist intentionally gives up control of a work’s outcome? Is it possible to make art when there are no compositional rules and deliberated aesthetics? In the creative process can decisions be made by rolling the dice? If one removes the eye and hand from the creation of a work what are the criteria for its success?  This is a selection of books that consider chance, randomness, games, accident, machines, contingency and indeterminacy as beginning points for making, and exemplify this course’s objectives.       604-844-3840        520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC