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A guide to accessing archival materials at ECU and online. Includes information on key archival concepts, online archives resources and archival citations.

Artists and Archives

Many artists, designers, musicians, architects and creative professionals have relied on primary sources and archival materials in their work. Below you will find a list of artists, collaborators and collectives working with archives (materials and theory). This list is meant as an introduction and starting off point for sharing practices where intersections between art and archives meet. This list is meant to be added to and re-worked over time. If you have suggestions for books, websites or articles you would like to see in this section, please contact

Activism and Archives

Archives maintain long held ties to human rights and social justice work. Both activism and archival practices navigate the areas of accountability, truth and memory. Archives and archivists have supported these endeavors through various means. Examples include preserving documentation showing human rights violations, facilitating access to records that hold governments/officials to account, and community organizing around oral history projects as just a few examples. Simultaneously, archives have also created barriers to activist work through enacting and operating within colonial, racist and marginalizing frameworks and practices. Below are some examples of projects at the intersections of archives and activism that actively work to support social justice and human rights advocacy and work. This list is not exhaustive and will continually be reworked and added to. If you have suggestions for books, websites or articles you would like to see in this section, please contact       604-844-3840        520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC