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Getting Started in the Library

This guide helps students and faculty get started navigating the library's online resources.

More Resources

For more help accessing and searching for online resources, see our Offsite/Online Research Guide.

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Types of Resources

Once you know what concepts you are looking for, determine the type of resource you need.

Information Need

Type of Resources

General information, definition, overview of a topic Encyclopedia, dictionary, or other reference work
Broad overview on a topic Books and eBooks
In-depth analysis; detailed, focused, current research Scholarly journals or articles
Current, brief reporting Newspapers, magazines, websites

Visit our Library Collections guide for details on the types of resources you have access to.

Searching for Resources in the Library Databases

Many of the library resources can be searched together through the library’s General Search. However, if you are interested in a more limited search, or want to access resources not found in the General Search, you can access databases individually.

Please note, when accessing databases from off campus you will need to login using your ECU email user name and password. For the full list of databases the library offers please visit the A-Z Database List on the library home page.

Searching for Journals

The library has 200 current print journal and magazine subscriptions, and back issues; and a number of special collections journals. Additionally, the library databases provide electronic access to thousands of journal articles.

  • To search by title for journals held in the library's print journal and electronic database collections use the Journal Search.
  • To search by keyword for journal articles held in the library's electronic database collection use the General Search or an journal articles database.

Accessing Online Articles

In your search results you will find a lot of the articles will be attached as a PDF or HTML file with the article citation. See result #12.

If there isn't a PDF or HTML file (see #13) then you will need to click, Where can I get this? Often when you click this you'll be led to an Open Access version of the article or directly to the publisher's website where you can read it. Sometimes there is no online access to the article and you will need to request the article from another library via interlibrary loan       604-844-3840        520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC