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Online Library Research Tutorial

Library tutorial on planning research, searching for and accessing online resources, and evaluating information

Types of Sources found in the ECU Library

Activity: Resource Types

Using the cards below, think about the following resources. How might they be useful for your research and what are their limitations. Hover over the card for more information on each source.

What is a Scholarly

Scholarly Journal

  • A collection of articles on a particular subject written and reviewed by professors and researchers.

  • Provides citations to more articles.

  • The topics of the articles are very specific. May not be suitable for those new to a subject.


What is an Exhibition Catalogue?

Exhibition Catalogue

  • A publication from a gallery with images and essays on a specific exhibition

  • Provides information on an artist or artwork

  • Could be promotional in tone


What is a Trade Publication?

Trade Publication

  • A publication containing information on new technology and practices in a specific field.
  • Created by and for people in a specific industry.
  • May contain a lot of jargon, and articles could be promoting products.

Books + eBooks

Books + eBooks

  • A broad overview on a general topic

  • Check table of contents and index to find specific information within a book
  • Might not contain scholarly research or citations

Using Wikipedia


  • Articles created and maintained by anyone on any subject

  • Use Wikipedia as a starting off point to gain understanding of a topic or terminology. Look at the references to get the sources
  • Not a good source to reference in your essay


Using Magazines


  • Contain understandable articles on a wide range of topics of general interest and/or current events.

  • Look at the new issues of magazines to find out current information on art and design.
  • They have few citations and are not likely to contain research articles       604-844-3840        520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC