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Film and Media

Film Criticism and Film Reviews

Film Criticism vs Film Reviews

- what type of sources do you need for your assignment

- how to tell the difference between sources


  Film Criticism Film Reviews

academics, scholars,

experts in the field

journalists, film buffs,

generally non-academics

Who is the audience? academics, scholars general public
Purpose of writing

analyzes plot, characters, themes, cinematic

techniques; uses critical film theory, cultural or

historical analysis; advances scholarly conversation

about the film

describes plot, characters

cast, director; rates the film; can be

persuasive and based on opinion


may be difficult to understand;

may not be for someone new to the field

more descriptive than analytical;

no citations or bibliography


more analytical than descriptive;

contains citations / bibliographies

informs the reader on whether to watch the

movie; a good review is often entertaining

What type of publication? scholarly journals and books newspapers, magazines, movie rating sites       604-844-3840        520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC