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Resources for Faculty

A guide to teaching and learning resources in the library

Add a link to a library resource

  1. Search for the title in the General Search or a specific database on the library homepage
  2. When you find the resource you want to add, click on the title
  3. In the toolbar on the right side of the page, click Permalink
  4. Use the permalink to add to your homepage. If you do not use the permalink, the link will time out and students will not be able to access the resource.

For copyright reasons, we recommend that you provide links to the library resource rather than uploading the PDF. If you have copyright questions you view our Copyright guide: or email Suzanne Rackover

Link to or embed the Library Research Tutorial or custom research guide

You can always request that a librarian provide a research workshop for your class in person or in Zoom, but you can also embed our online Library Research Tutorial or request a custom made research guide to be embedded into your course.

The Library Research Tutorial is a series of videos and activities that will guide students through the research process from initial planning to evaluating and citing sources. 

We recommend that you assign specific activities to assess student understanding and encourage a strategic and critical approach to searching for and assessing resources.

Your liaison librarian can create a custom made research guide for your course that includes direct links to readings, and additional resources that will help them with their assignments. See examples of our research guides: 

To embed the guide directly into your course:

  1. Click Add resource
  2. Select External tool
  3. Enter the activity name: for example Course Library Resources or Library Research Tutorial
  4. Enter the LibGuide URL ( or we can send you the link to your custom course guide.       604-844-3840        520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC