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A guide to resources on ceramics, drawing, illustration, new media/sound art, painting, photography, print media, and sculpture

Researching Art

What is in this guide

This guide provides recommended resources for students in the Faculty of Art. Choose your major from the side menu for specific resources. Please be aware that the resources listed in each section are just a very small example of what we have in the collection. I encourage you to use this as a starting off point to connect with databases, journals and other materials that are the most relevant to your unique practice and approach to art. 

What is the relationship between research + art

Research occurs in and through art and can mean different things. Your studio/material practice is a form of research that you are already engaged in. Library research is another research method that will inform and support your creative practice. Library research is important because:

  • Making and theoretical reflection go hand in hand. Library research can provide greater understanding of the theoretical concepts that undergird your making process
  • Artwork has positionality in how it is situated within our political, social, environmental, economic contexts. You can use the library to find examples of how artists have chosen to represent their positionality and find resources examining different contexts.
  • Visual art makes visible the process of meaning making and knowledge exploration/creation. Art is information and is created through the process of gathering and synthesizing information.
  • Research occurs both outside and inside the creative industry and knowledge economy.

If would like help finding more resources, please contact us or visit our online research tutorial.


If you are a student, faculty or staff member in the Faculty of Art and have suggestions for this guide, Ana would be so grateful for any feedback you have.       604-844-3840        520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC